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  • Max Casero, LCSW-S

    Founder, Director of Behavioral Health

    Hello and welcome! I’m so glad you’re here.

    My name is Max Casero (they/them), and I’m an ambiverted queer ADHD therapist / parent / spouse / entrepreneur / social activist and human in Austin, Texas. I love a good haircut, Sci-Fi and fantasy, creative punctuation, exercise of most types and music of all sorts – and I have a habit of starting projects that take years to finish, all the while justifying them as “really enjoying the process.”

    One of those projects just happens to be Prism Integrated Health. 

    After working with a metric ton of queer neurodivergent folks – and then getting an adult diagnosis myself – I’ve learned that I have to be passionate about and invested in how I spend my time if I’m to stay engaged with what I’m doing. 

    Through a lot of trial and error – and with even more luck (also white privilege), I managed to create a therapy practice that speaks to all of my passions and interests: accessible and authentic mental health care for queer people by queer and allied practitioners.

    Back in 2015/2016, getting started was daunting, and my imposter syndrome was real. After growing up in a small, conservative town, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to attract clients as an out and proud queer, nonbinary therapist in Texas. I also wasn’t sure it was safe.

    However, I was done making myself small and palatable; the time for masked assimilation was over. I left a near decade-long career in the nonprofit world, and made it my goal to develop a therapy practice in which every single client learns that they are worthy of love and belonging.

    Certainly, Prism has undergone a lot of change since 2016 – and so have I. I became a parent twice over, lost a parent to cancer, got diagnosed with ADHD, and became a spouse – just to name a few. With every new phase of my life, my own practice as a therapist and business owner has grown and deepened.

    Currently, I’m in my Turtle as a Crossing Guard Era, which I characterize as:

    • Slowing down to learn and develop intentionally

    • Looking both ways and then looking again to notice my blind spots

    • Conserving my energy and directing it toward my priorities

    • Sitting in the discomfort of urgency in order to create the time and space necessary for discernment

    • Granting myself the grace, liberation, and celebration of never fitting in

    No matter the era, though, my mission as a therapist and practice owner remains constant: to create a space in which we unlearn shame and self doubt and grow to identify, acknowledge, and appreciate our own inherent value.

    And so here we are: me, a therapist, and you, at the end of this captivating profile. Whether it’s trauma, queerness, neurodivergence, parenting while reparenting, or working on your relationship(s), my favorite part of being a therapist and developing this practice is walking with you on your unique journey toward self-worth, self-compassion, and self-love – ultimately, helping you find your inner belonging.

    Clinical Specialties:

    • Navigating LGBTQIA+ Identities
    • Neurodivergence (ADHD & Autism)
    • Parent Coaching: Reparenting yourself while you parent your child
    • Queer and non-traditional couples and partner arrangements
    • Trauma
    • Grief & Loss
    • Managing Life Transitions
    • Depression & Anxiety

    Private Pay: $200

    Insurance: Medicare & Medicaid

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