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  • Psychotherapy Rates & Insurance

    Private Pay Therapy Rates

    $150 per 53 minute individual session

    $175 per 85 minute individual session

    $165 per 53 minute family/couple’s session

    $190 per 85 minute family/couple’s session,

    $50 per 60 minute group session

    $80 per 90 minute group session


    Private Pay Psychiatry Rates

    $300 per 60 minute intake & assessment

    $75 per 15 minute med management check-in


    Private Pay Medical Nutrition Rates

    $170 per 60-75 minute initial consultation & intake

    $140 per 45 minute follow-up

    $110 per 30 minute follow-up

    $80 per 15 minute consultation as-needed (after becoming an established client)



    Access to mental health care is our first priority. We work with several insurance providers including Aetna, Amerigroup, BCBSTX, Cigna (Evernorth), Friday, Humana, Magellan, Medicare, Medicaid, MultiPlan, Scott & White, Superior and United; we also are Tricare certified providers and accept their out-of-network benefits. If your insurance provider is not on our list, please contact us as we may be in the process of contracting with them. 

    Depending on your current health insurance provider or employee benefit plan, it is possible for services to be covered in full or in part. Please contact your provider to verify how your plan compensates you for psychotherapy services.

    We recommend asking these questions to your insurance provider to help determine your benefits:

    • Does my health insurance plan include mental health benefits?
    • Do I have a deductible? If so, what is it and have I met it yet?
    • Does my plan limit how many sessions per calendar year I can have? If so, what is the limit?
    • Do I need written approval from my primary care physician in order for services to be covered?


    Sliding Scale Policy

    We understand that Private Pay rates and private insurance premiums can get pricey. To accommodate for this, Prism offers a sliding scale options for most of its service types:

    Individual Therapy: 0.23% of gross annual income
    $90 minimum per session / $150 maximum per session
    (example: $40,000 x 0.0023 = $92 per session)

    Couples & Family Therapy: 0.15% of gross household income
    $90 minimum per session / $165 maximum per session)
    (example: $100,000 x 0.0015 = $150 per session)

    Group Therapy: 0.125% of gross annual income
    $35 minimum per session / $60 maximum per session
    (example: $40,000 x 0.00125 = $50 per session)

    Psychiatry Intake: 0.55% of gross annual income
    $200 minimum per session / $300 maximum per session
    (example: $40,000 x 0.0055 = $220 per session)

    Psychiatry Check-In: 0.18% of gross annual income per 15 minutes 
    $60 minimum per 15 minutes / $75 per 15 minutes
    (example: $40,000 x 0.0018 = $72 per 15 minutes) 

    In all instances of sliding scale services, we ask clients to provide proof of income.



    Prism accepts credit, debit, and HSA payments online through your AdvancedMD portal.


    Cancellation Policy

    If you are unable to attend a session, please make sure you cancel at least 24 hours beforehand. Otherwise, you may be charged for the full rate of the session.


    Any Other Questions

    Please contact us for any additional questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you!

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