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    What age range do you serve?

    Prism serves clients ages 10 and older.

    Do you take insurance?

    Yes. Prism takes a wide variety of insurance, and we are working to expand our network every day.

    Prism also provides income-based, sliding scale payment opportunities if insurance is not an option.

    For more information, visit Rates & Insurance.

    Are your services telehealth or in-person?

    Currently, all Prism services are telehealth. However, we anticipate providing some in-person services later in 2022.

    Do you provide Gender Affirming care?

    Yes! All Prism therapists have been educated on how best to provider gender affirming mental health care for transgender and nonbinary clients. Transgender and nonbinary client can also obtain the necessary documentation for gender affirming medical treatment from our practitioners.

    Do you provide Hormone Replacement Therapy?

    Yes! All Prism nurse practitioners have been trained to provide Hormone Replacement Therapy to transgender and nonbinary clients older than 18. We believe that providing HRT is mental health best-practice as research indicates that it significantly reduces rates of suicidality, depression, and anxiety among transgender and nonbinary clients.

    Do you provide letters of support for other gender-affirming medical procedures?

    Yes! Prism requires at least one session with a therapist in order to acquire the letter of support. This is to help ensure that we are able to provide the appropriate level of documentation as well as to help you as our client know that you’ve got another person in your corner.

    Can I do therapy and get medication through Prism?

    Of course! The Prism model is meant to centralize all things mental health and wellness, creating a more convenient experience for you – and also to help establish a tightly knit net of providers who have your best care at heart.

    What are your therapeutic specialties?

    All Prism therapists are generalist practitioners who have solid foundations in trauma-informed mental health theory and practice. Additionally, all Prism therapists have been trained on best-practices for working with LGBTQ2S+ clients. Beyond that, everyone has their own specialty and passion, making our staff an extremely well-rounded group of humans! 

    For more information about individual therapists and their specialties, visit the Staff page. 

    How do I schedule an appointment?

    Visit our Contact page to request an appointment.