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    Medical Nutrition Therapy

    At Prism Integrated Health, we believe that our beliefs about our bodies and how we treat our bodies significantly impacts our mental health. We recognize that food is more than the nutrients we put in our bodies; it heals, nourishes, connects, and brings joy. Food also can be one of the most challenging relationships we ever have. That’s why Prism provides individualized nutrition counseling to support clients on their broader mental health journey. We also understand that feelings about different sizes and types of bodies may make this repair difficult, which is why we help guide clients as they learn to listen to and trust their bodies in the process.

    Our Registered Dietician services are provided from a weight-inclusive, non-diet approach that is rooted in current research. We believe that all individuals deserve access to care regardless of their background and lived experiences. No matter where clients are with their relationship with food and with their bodies, we’re here to provide compassion and support throughout their journeys.


    Initial Assessment 
    (60 minutes)

    Meet and get to know your Registered Dietician by discussing your health needs, current eating habits, and your relationship with food. Set some initial goals, and generally get a feel for what nutrition sessions are like. You might also learn about various concepts behind the Health at Every Size model and how they interact with your current knowledge and beliefs around food, health, and nutrition.


    Follow-Up (30 or 45 minutes)

    In a follow-up session, you might:

    • Review outcomes from nutrition goals and discuss how it impacted your mood, physical health, and overall well-being
    • Discuss any relevant challenges in addressing your relationship with food
    • Learn about the “why” behind the nutritional recommendations your RD makes
    • Set additional nutrition goals as needed