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    Group Therapy

    Group therapy differs from individual therapy by holding therapeutic session in a small group setting facilitated by a therapist rather than a one-on-one conversation with a therapist. In these group sessions, patients share their thoughts and experiences with the whole group, allowing participants to give and receive support from their peers. Group therapy provides a sense of community around mental health experiences rather continuing to feel isolated in your struggle.

    If you’ve been feeling hopeless or alone lately, or struggling with a problem in your life that feels unsurmountable, group therapy could help you improve your day-to-day life.

    Group therapy helps you find a sense of community with others who are going through similar things as you while giving you access to valuable therapy that can truly help you feel better.

    So if any of these sound like you…

    • You keep worrying about the same problem over and over
    • You wish you could trust someone with your private struggle
    • You want to stop feeling so alone in what you’re going through
    • You’re interested in therapy, but want to try something lower pressure than individual therapy
    • You wish you felt more understood by others
    • You’re looking for expert help improving your life
    • You want to learn from people who have had or who are having a similar experience

    …Then group therapy could be right for you.

    Group therapy’s effectiveness lies in its ability to help you find connections with other people and their experiences. These therapist-guided sessions will help you learn more about yourself and how to improve the way you feel while feeling support from others who understand your experience.

    If you’re looking for help in improving your everyday life – or for a more community-oriented therapy experience – you would be a great fit for our group therapy services. 

    Our current groups include:

    Adult ADHD Processing & Skills Group

    Adult LGBTQIA+ Drop-In Group

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